County of Greensville, Virginia

Crater Regional Partnership


The purpose is to carry out all program requirements for the Regional Competitiveness Act of 1996. Section 15.1-1227.1 through Section 15.1-1227.5, Code of Virginia, as amended, permits counties, cities, and towns within a planning district to establish a regional partnership for the purpose of encouraging local governments to exercise the options provided by law to work together for their mutual benefit and the benefit for the Commonwealth.

Greensville County is represented by the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and the County Administrator.

Term of Office

Term is served at the discretion of the Appointee.


Meetings are scheduled as needed. 

County Appointee Appointment Term End
Honorable James R. Brown Chairman of the Board of Supervisors 12/31/2023
Dr. Charlette T. Woolridge County Administrator 12/31/2023
Gary L. Cifers Assistant County Administrator 12/31/2023


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