County of Greensville, Virginia

Local Law Enforcement Block Grant Advisory Board


As a requirement of the Local Law Enforcement Block Grant Program, the Local Law Enforcement Block Grant Advisory Board was established. The Advisory Board is represented by individuals from the following: Law Enforcement; Prosecutor’s Office; Court System; Public School System; Non-profit group active in crime and/or drug-use prevention or treatment. The purpose of the Advisory Board is to review applications for grant funding and make non-binding recommendations to the Board of Supervisors.

Term of Office

Term of office is indefinite.


Meetings are held on an as-needed basis.


County Appointees Appointment Represents Term Start
William T. Jarratt   At-Large Appointment Law Enforcement 10/05/1998
Patti T. Watson, Commonwealth's Attorney At-Large Appointment Prosecutor’s Office 11/15/1999
Linda B. Edwards, Court System At-Large Appointment Court System 01/01/2020
Dr. Kelvin Edwards, Superintendent of Schools At-Large Appointment Public School System 07/01/2021


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