County of Greensville, Virginia

Southside Virginia Education Center


Promotes business development and employment opportunities throughout Southside Virginia, so as to encourage community development and revitalization and the combating of any community deterioration affecting young people in the community.  The corporation will promote and achieve these purposes through activities including the operation of work force training and continuing adult education center where individuals can develop, improve, and enhance their employable skills and capabilities.

Term of Office

(2) Three Year Term (1) Two Year Term and (1) Four Year Term.  After initial term is served - all terms will be 4 years to become staggered.


Meetings are held the last Wednesday of the month at 12:00 p.m. in the Southside Virginia Education Center.

Members Appointment Term
Chris Johnson      
Toll Integrated Systems
At-Large Industry 07/01/20 - 6/30/2024
Thomas Slippy     
Georgia Pacific
At-Large Industry 07/01/20 - 6/30/2024
Joyce Booker   
Boars Head Provision
At-Large Industry 07/01/18 – 6/30/2022
Gary L. Cifers
Greensville County Administration
Board Representative 04/15/19 - 6/30/2021
Mary L. Person Appointed by Council term ending 07/01/2021
Chris Rodriquez Emporia Business term ending 07/01/2023
Peggy Jones   
Emporia Business term ending 07/01/2023
Dale Temple Emporia Business term ending 07/01/2023
Erica Andrews Randolph SVCC 02/2016 – 07/2022
Dr. Quentin R. Johnson SVCC 07/2019 – 07/2023

Kathy Anderson

SPACE 07/2018 – 06/31/2022
Sharon Mattox VEC 01/2017 – 07/2022
Honorable Bernard L. Jones, Sr. Brunswick Board/Staff 07/2017 – 06/2021
Otto Wachsmann Sussex County

10/16/2019 - 10/15/2023

Debra K. Smiley
Southside Virginia Community College

Sandra Bagley

Mary Baldwin 10/16/2019 - 10/15/2023
Curtis Young    
Greensville County High Sch. Dir. of Adm. Serv. 02/01/2017-02/01/2021

Shawanda Edwards, Director

Department of Social Services term ending 07/31/2021


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