County of Greensville, Virginia

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems

1781 Greensville County Circle
Emporia, Virginia 23847

Phone: (434) 348-4205
Fax: (434) 348-4257

GIS Maps & Data

Maps and data are available online at:


Amanda Huskey - Photo

Amanda Huskey

GIS - Technician

The GIS Department's mission is to maintain and enhance the Greensville County Geographic Information System (GIS) so as to provide accurate, current, and timely digital information to county agencies and the general public, and to provide mapping products. E-911 numbering is a component of the GIS Department, and creating new addresses for all residential and commercial buildings is imperative.

Enter Greensville County's Geographic Information System

Layer update frequency is as follows: 

The county tax grid does not change and is the basis for the county's cadastral maps.

The county offers mapping products via paper and digital form.

The Commissioner of the Revenue offers its real estate data via the county's GIS. A user name and password must be obtained from the GIS Department in order to view this data. 

For more information contact the GIS Department at (434) 348-4205.

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