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Southside Community Corrections and Pretrial Services

Southside Community Corrections and Pretrial Services

201 Uriah Branch Way
Emporia, Virginia 23847
Phone: (434) 348-1035
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Yolanda G. Hines


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Marcus Smith

Probation & Pretrial Officer

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Angel Newsome

Investigator / Intake Officer

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Ryan Walker

Pretrial & Probation Officer

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Kristal Winstead

Pretrial & Probation Officer

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Please contact main office for all business (201 Uriah Branch Way, Emporia VA 23847)  434-348-1035



Comprehensive Community Corrections Act Program

The mission of the Comprehensive Community Corrections Act Program is to provide sentencing alternatives to the judiciary and the local criminal justice system in an effort to reduce jail overcrowding, enhance public safety, and offer remedial and rehabilitative opportunities to local offender populations.

Pretrial Services Act Program

The mission of the Pretrial Services Act Program is to reduce jail overcrowding caused by the detention of pretrial defendants, assist the courts in making better informed bond decisions, and enhance public safety through the evaluation and supervision of pretrial detainees.


The Comprehensive Community Corrections Act for local responsible offenders enables any city, county, or combination thereof, to develop, establish, and maintain community-based corrections programs to provide the judicial system with sentencing alternatives for certain misdemeanants or persons convicted of non-violent felonies, as defined in §19.2-297.1 and sentenced pursuant to §19.2-303.3, for whom the court imposes a sentence of twelve (12) months or less and who may require less than institutional custody.  

Under the Comprehensive Community Corrections Act and Pretrial Services Act, establishing a system of community-based services is a local option unless a city, county, or combination thereof is required by §53.1-82.1 to file a plan for community-based corrections with the State Board of Corrections. This applies to localities that have been approved for, or are seeking funding for, jail construction project reimbursement.  Any city, county, or combination thereof which either elects to, or is required to, establish a system of community-based services as defined in §§53.1-181 & 53.1-182.1 (CCCA) shall provide for all components, including: local probation supervision, community service, home incarceration, electronic monitoring, and substance abuse assessment, testing, and treatment.  In accordance with §§19.2-152.7 and 53.1-185.2 of the Code of Virginia, counties and cities shall be required to establish CCCA and PSA programming only to the extent funded by the Commonwealth through the General Appropriations Act.

This legislation allows local governments to develop and utilize programs and services specifically designed to meet the rehabilitative needs of selected offenders. Local probation supervision, community service, substance abuse, testing and treatment, pretrial services, home incarceration, electronic monitoring, and public inebriate diversion are only a few of the options which communities could develop through voluntary participation.

The Department of Criminal Justice Services will periodically review each program to determine compliance with the submitted plan and operating standards. The intent of the Act is to place decision making authority and fiscal control of community corrections programs in localities wishing to assume the responsibility.

The Southside Community Criminal Justice Board (an advisory board consisting of citizens from all areas served by the 6th Judicial District and Circuit Court) will be governed by their adopted by-laws and state regulations where applicable. 

General Information

Southside Community Corrections and Pretrial Services (SCC) provide Comprehensive Community Corrections Act (CCCA) services and Pretrial Services Act (PSA) functions. The agency employs a Director, three probation officers, an Interview Officer and an administrative assistant. The central office is located in the Greensville County Office Park with three satellite offices in Sussex, Brunswick, and the City of Emporia. The Lawrenceville location services Brunswick County; the Sussex location services Sussex County, which includes the towns of Wakefield and Waverly; the Emporia location services the City of Emporia and Greensville County. Data from the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau indicates that the combined population for the three Counties and the City of Emporia is 47,691. The service area encompasses 1,360 square miles.

Southside Community Corrections accepts college or summer interns pending an application process, criminal history background check, and Agency Director approval.

Programs & Services

The Pretrial Program Service Model is “Pretrial Interview or Investigation for First Appearance (Arraignment).” Defendants who have been arrested, charged with a crime, and are awaiting trial, are interviewed and investigated by the Pretrial Officer. Those that remain incarcerated, because of either an inability to provide bond or no bond was set, are arraigned at their first court appearance. These individuals become the target population for Pretrial Services.

Pretrial Services benefits the community by insuring that offenders who do not pose a threat to public safety are released to supervision while awaiting trial. The cost of housing an offender is roughly $60.00 a day ($30.00 a day from the Compensation Board and the other $30.00 directly from the locality). The releasing of an offender allows that person to work and support their family, thereby reducing the economic burden on society.

Pretrial Services are delivered in a cost-effective way, due to the use of Video Teleconferencing.  By using this technology, Pretrial Services are provided to three different courthouses and jails in a single morning. This dramatically increases service to the court facilities, eliminating travel for the Pretrial Officer, and providing unprecedented access into the jail. This reduces the cost and danger associated with the movement of inmates. The teleconferencing equipment was acquired by the Southside Multidisciplinary Partnership and made available through funding obtained from the Department of Criminal Justice Services.

Recommendations for supervision, setting of bond, reduction of bond, and those ineligible for bond are made to the judicial officer who holds the formal “arraignment.” The judges of the Sixth Judicial District make the decision to release or detain under Pretrial supervision.

The “conditions” of bond set by the judges vary from case to case. These conditions may include drug testing or counseling, alcohol testing or counseling, no contact with the victim(s), curfews, and/or home incarceration. The officers of this agency enforce the judge’s conditions by requiring the defendant to maintain weekly office visits and telephone contacts. Not adhering to the Pretrial Release Conditions may result in an unsuccessful termination and/or revocation of bond. 

Southside Community Corrections operates on the concept of “restorative justice.” This approach compels offenders to pay back society at large and/or the victim personally. Society is economically penalized if the offender is incarcerated. Additionally, victims do not receive compensation for their losses. This Agency alters this negative outcome by providing the judges of the Sixth Judicial District with positive sentencing options.

Alternatives currently in place include community service, anger management counseling, shoplifting intervention programs, financial responsibility, collection of restitution, fines and court costs, mental health evaluation and counseling, and/or home incarceration. Whenever possible, substance abuse assessment, testing, treatment, and counseling are provided in conjunction with the Southside Community Services Board and the District 19 Community Services Board

Supervision has been provided through a variety of punitive intermediate sanctions and punishments. This applies to offenders from local courts and transfers from other community correction programs.

Satellite Offices

Office Location Additional Information
Brunswick County
Southside Community Corrections
Albertis S. Harrison, Jr. Courthouse
202 Main Street
Lawrenceville, VA  23868
Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Phone:  (434) 848-0921
Fax:  (434) 848-2550
Greensville County/City of Emporia
Southside Community Corrections
Combined Court
315 South Main Street
Emporia, VA  23847
Monday – Friday, Court Sessions Only
Phone:  (434) 348-2609
Sussex County
Southside Community Corrections
Sussex County Courthouse
P. O. Box 1315
15074 Courthouse Road
Sussex , VA  23884
Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Phone:  (434) 246-1084
Fax: (434) 246-2068


From Route 58 West: Travel East on Route 58, over the Route 95 Bridge in Emporia. Right onto Route 95 North and proceed to Exit #12. Proceed North onto Highway 301 and follow directions below from Highway 301 North.

From Interstate 95 North: Exit 12, proceed North onto Highway 301. Follow directions below from Highway 301 North.

From Interstate 95 South: Exit 13, left at the top of the ramp to the blinking light. Left onto Highway 301 North. Follow directions below from the blinking light on Highway 301 North.

From Highway 301 North:  Travel North on Route 301, past the new Greensville Elementary School. Get into the far left lane once you go through the blinking caution light by the Shell and Texaco gas stations.

Approximately 1/16th of a mile after the blinking light make a left turn into the Greensville County Government Complex (there is a sign/Southside Virginia Community College) on Uriah Branch Way (across from Southern Trail Motel).  

Southside Community Corrections is the first building on the right, before the Southside Regional Jail and straight across from the Greensville County Sheriff’s Office.

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