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Frequently Asked Questions

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I am considering the purchase of an unimproved parcel of property. How do I determine if public water and sewer service is available from the GCWSA?

Contact the GCWSA by dialing 434-348-4213 and ask for the Acting Director.   

You will need to supply the following information:

  1.  The exact location of the property.
  2.  If the property has frontage on a public roadway.
  3.  The type of service desired (water, sewer or both).
  4.  The class of service desired (residential, commercial, industrial).
  5.  If commercial or industrial service is requested, please be ready to provide an estimate of the daily water/sewer requirements.
I am considering buying an existing home. How do I determine if public water and/or sewer service is currently provided by the GCWSA?

The property owner and/or Real Estate Agent should have that info.  If not, contact the GCWSA by dialing 434-348-4213.  You will need to supply the E-911 address (road name and house number) to the Customer Service Representative.  You may also wish to inquire if there are any unpaid water/sewer bills on the property.

I am considering buying a vacant lot on which an existing home was demolished. How do I determine if public water and/or sewer service is available to the property and if there are any unpaid bills for water and sewer service?

The property owner and/or Real Estate Agent should have that info.  If not, contact the GCWSA by dialing 434-348-4213.  You will need to supply the E-911 address of the home that was demolished.  The Customer Service Representative should be able to inform you if there are unpaid water and/or sewer bills for the property

I own a piece of property and have determined that public water and sewer service is available from the GCWSA. What is the first step to obtain service?

Complete a W&S Service Application (also called an Availability Form) and submit it to the GCWSA business office at 1781 Greensville County Circle.  The Application Form may be hand-delivered, faxed to 434-348-4257, or emailed to

Availability Form

Where can I obtain a W&S Service Application?

Application Forms may be obtained by contacting the GCWSA Business Office at 434-348-4213. 


Is there any charge for obtaining and/or submitting an Application Form?

No, the GCWSA provides this service at no charge.

I am considering the construction of a residential subdivision. Will the GCWSA discuss this type of project?

Yes, the GCWSA will provide preliminary services at no charge to the developer.

I am considering developing a parcel of property for commercial or industrial use. Will the GCWSA discuss this type of project?

Yes, GCWSA will provide preliminary services at no charge to the developer.

Can the GCWSA Staff be contacted by email?


Glen Gibson, Acting Director - Email
Lois Powell, Customer Service Manager - Email
Gary Mitchell, Utility Maintenance Manager - Email


Who operates and manages the public utility system?

The GCWSA is responsible for the operation and management of the public water and sewer systems. Its operation and management procedures are set forth by the Authority in its Rules and Regulations. A copy of the Rules and Regulations is available for public review at the Greensville County Government Building.

Is there a mandatory connection policy?

Yes. Any structure located within 200 feet of the public right-of-way in which public water or sewer mains are located is within the mandatory connection service area and must connect onto the system unless a non-user status is granted by the Authority.

How much are the connection fees for water and sewer services?

The minimum connection fee is $960.00 for water plus a $400.00 residential facility fee; and $1,320.00 for sewer plus a $835.00 residential facility fee.

What is the non-user status?

There are two kinds of utility customers:

  1. Users - Those who wish to connect to the utility system.
  2. Non-Users - Those who do not wish to connect to the utility system.

Non-user status must be applied for by the customer. The following information must be provided:

Water - Non-User Status

  • A completed application to GCWSA.
  • Documentation from the Health Department including a potable well-water supply and satisfactory well construction.
  • Customer has not signed a water user agreement.

Sewer - Non-User Status

  • A completed application to GCWSA.
  • Documentation from Health Department indicating that a satisfactory septic tank and drain field system exists.
  • Customer has not signed a sewer user agreement.
What are the water rates?

Fees, Rates & Billing

What are the sewer rates?

Fees, Rates & Billing

Are there any other fees I must pay?


All owner-occupant accounts are charged a deposit equal to two (2) months minimum bill. All tenant-occupant accounts are charged a deposit equal to three (3) months minimum bill (which include tax and penalty) plus $30.00 service fee.

Account Charge

All applicants for service shall be subject to the payment of $25.00 account charge.

Disconnection Fee

When a structure is temporarily vacant for a period of time, the owner or customer of record may request that service be discontinued only until the structure is occupied again. The charge for disconnection is $30.00

When will I be billed?

Customers are billed on or before the first day of the month. Bills not paid on or before the 20th day of the month are assessed a 10% penalty. Customers not paying bills on or before the 7th day of the following month are disconnected. Charges do not stop accruing if a customer is disconnected because of nonpayment. A $60.00 service fee will be charged before service is reinstated. Utility bills will be rendered monthly to each customer unless established otherwise by the Authority.

What payment options are available for utility bills?

The Authority bills customers for water and sewer services monthly.  There are several options for payment of these services.

  1. Stop by our office located at 1781 Greensville County Circle, Emporia, Virginia, where you can make payments with cash, check, money order, or credit card (Master Card/Visa) at our full-service walk-up window.
  2. GCWSA E-Services
    • This service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
    • Emailed detail receipt
    • All you need to login is your customer account number & last name on account
    • A convenience fee of $1.95 will be charged for each credit card payment.

  3. Payment Drop Box - located at the North end of the building (prior GCWSA entrance)
    • Courtesy envelopes are provided, please complete with your payment
    • To ensure proper credit to your account, always enclose the payment stub with your payment.
    • Money order or checks
  4. Mail your payment.
    • To ensure proper credit to your account, always enclose the payment stub with your payment.
  5. Automatic Bank Account Draft – This service will automatically deduct utility payments from your bank account on the 10th of each month, thus saving you
    time and money.
  • It’s easy and free! Simply click on the link to download an Application for Automatic Draft Form.
  • The form must be printed, completed, signed and returned to our office, along with a voided check.
  • Once enrolled, you will still be mailed a utility bill showing your balance due with note on bottom left indicating when automatic deduction will be made.
How do I set up an account with the Water & Sewer Authority?

Greensville County Water & Sewer Authority welcomes you as a customer; whether you have just moved into our service area or simply relocated.

Follow these steps to set up service: 

  1. Complete a customer application for service. Click here to download a customer application. Print a copy, complete items 1 through 8, sign the application and return to the GCWSA office.
  2. Payment of certain fees must be made before service is connected to existing service locations:
    1. Owner of property must pay a deposit and account charge.
    2. Tenants of property must pay a deposit, account charge and disconnect fee. Owner of property will also have to sign disclosure to owner/landlord portion of customer application before service is turned on. Click here to download the disclosure to owner/landlord. Print a copy. Owner signs the disclosure and lists mailing address and phone number.
  3. Call the GCWSA office at (434) 348-4213 for these fee amounts.
  4. Bring the completed customer application along with your driver’s license to the office with payment.
  5. Service is usually turned on the same day once all requirements are met.
Are water & sewer services available to my property?

If you own a piece of property or plan to purchase one for development, you should to check to see if public water and/or sewer are available.

In order to determine what, if any, public utility service is available to your property and the cost, complete an application for water and/or sewer service availability form. Print and complete section one and return to the office. Section two and three will be completed by the Greensville County Water and Sewer Authority staff .  A copy will be provided to the Greensville County Building Department and one returned to you.

What do you need to do next? 

  1. Obtain a building permit - Contact the Building Department for the locality in which the property is located, to find out if a permit is necessary. 
  2. Pay fees - If a building permit is required, you must obtain the permit before paying any water and/or sewer fees. All fees due to the Authority should be paid at our business office.
  3. Who installs taps? A work order will be issued for the Maintenance Department of the Authority to install the water and/or sewer tap once the appropriate fees have been paid. You are responsible for installation of the service lateral from the tap to your home.
  4. When is the water meter set? The Authority must have a copy of the inspection report from the Building Department before a water meter will be set and all fees must have been paid.
  5. Other questions? Should you have any other questions concerning the availability form or provision of water and/or sewer to your property, contact the business office at (434) 348-4213
How do I report a water/sewer emergency?

The lines from the water meter or sewer clean-out to your residence and your property are your responsibility.

All emergencies that relate to the water or sewer mains during the day should be reported to the GCWSA at (434) 348-4213.

During weekends and holidays, or at night, please call (434) 348-4200

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