County of Greensville, Virginia


Greensville/Emporia Health Department

The Greensville/Emporia Health Department, which is part of the Crater Health District, provides a number of services for our community, ranging from immunization clinics to medical treatment to family planning and prenatal care. The Health Department also coordinates health education and community outreach efforts, such as health fairs, public awareness campaigns, group education programs, school-based health information/education programs, nursing home screening and more. 

The Health Department also handles requests for Vital Records (birth certificates, death certificates, etc.).  

Call (434) 348-4210 or visit the Health Department website to learn more.

Southern Virginia Regional Medical Center

This region is served by Southern Virginia Regional Medical Center (SVRMC), the $35 million medical complex located in Emporia on an 18.6-acre site at the intersection of U.S. 58 and 301.  Containing more than 136,000 sq. ft., the 80-bed acute care hospital provides health care services for more than 50,000 residents in Emporia-Greensville and the surrounding counties of Brunswick, Southampton and Sussex.

SVRMC boasts an active and consulting medical staff of approximately 50 physicians and more than 330 employees, making it one of the top five employers in the area.  Its annual payroll is approximately $13.5 million.

The facility provides advanced technology for surgical services, adult behavioral health services, diagnostic imaging; emergency medicine, cardio-vascular services, cardiac rehabilitation, oncology, dialysis, physical, therapy, orthopedic surgery, gastroenterology, sleep services and pain management.

The medical center’s mission, in addition to providing quality health care, is to provide preventive and educational services to the community. Numerous health fairs and screenings are provided each year at no cost. The medical center sponsors community fund-raising activities, such as Relay for Life, MS Walk, and various civic group activities that directly support local projects. The medical center also provides educational services for diabetes treatment and management. A highly successful seniors program, known as Senior Circle, provides benefits, discounts, entertainment and travel for over 900 members over the age of 50.

Visit the Southern Virginia Regional Medical Center website to learn more. 

Department of Social Services

The Department of Social Services provides assistance for individuals and families, in areas such as child care assistance, medical assistance, energy assistance, food assistance, and general relief. These programs and services help people triumph over poverty, abuse and neglect, achieve self-sufficiency and shape strong futures for themselves, their families and their communities.

Visit the Department of Social Services website for more information.

Crater District Area Agency of Aging

The Crater District Area Agency on Aging offers a multitude of services designed to keep senior citizens in their homes for as long as possible.

Visit the CDAAA website for more information.

Medicare Open Enrollment

Adult Activity Services

Adult Activity Services is a private, non-profit corporation (tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code) that provides a variety of training opportunities to adults with mental retardation in the Counties of Greensville, Surry and Sussex, and the City of Emporia.


The organization currently provides services to approximately 80 disabled individuals who attend the Centers from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. daily.  Four levels of services are provided as follows:



Our organization currently receives funding from the Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services, the Department of  Medical Assistance Services, local tax dollars, Department of Rail and Public Transportation, Department of Rehabilitative Services, Department of Education, production revenue, and private contributions.  Tax deductible contributions may be mailed to 307 East Atlantic Street, Emporia, Virginia, 23847.

Contact Information

Adult Activity Services, Inc.
307 East Atlantic Street
Emporia, Virginia  23847
Phone: (434) 634-2124
Fax: (434) 634-5624

Jackson-Feild Homes

Jackson-Feild Homes has been providing innovative, intensive, and effective services for hurting children since 1855. Jackson-Feild Homes provides residential, community-based and in-home services that serve at-risk children and their families. 

Visit for more information.

Senior Living Help




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