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Emporia-Greensville Recreation Association

Emporia-Greensville Recreation Association

916 C West Atlantic Street
Box 155
Emporia, Virginia 23847
Phone: (434) 634-9400
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Richard Short, EGRA President

Gerald Taylor, Vice-President

Barbara Moore, Treasurer

Barbara Moore, Secretary

246 Volunteer Coaches

10 part time employees

The Emporia-Greensville Recreation Association, Inc. (EGRA) is the largest recreation provider in Emporia and Greensville County.

EGRA has organized leagues involving over 1,000 people and an estimated 30,000 visitors use the association operated parks, Meherrin River and Center Street, annually.

The programming includes baseball, softball, football, soccer and basketball.  While many of the activities of the organized leagues have a youth focus, men and women play softball on EGRA fields, as do some teams from Greensville County High School when needed.

Since Emporia and Greensville County do not operate their own public recreation programs, groups like EGRA provide a cost efficient recreation delivery system partially funded with public money, but offset by volunteer, fees and fundraising.

While the association's officers and directors provide leadership for the well established program, hundreds of volunteer coaches and assistants are the reason behind this local success story.  That is why the Association's motto is "EGRA Works For Our Kids!"

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The EGRA provides recreation to the adults and children of the Emporia and Greensville area.

General Information

EGRA is a non-profit public service corporation founded by the County of Greensville and the City of Emporia.  It is managed by a 25 member mostly volunteer Board of Directors.

Special Events

The EGRA is host to the baseball and softball districts and also to the State and World Series Tournaments for both districts.


The EGRA provides the opportunities for people in the community to become leaders and role models for the children of the community by becoming a coach or a commissioner (program chairman).  Also the community may serve as a Board of Directors for the EGRA.



The EGRA has 18 acres of parks, which consist of five (5) lighted ball fields, three (3) soccer fields, all purpose field, twin tennis courts, two (2) playgrounds and two (2) picnic pavilions.  The facilities are located at two locations:  the Meherrin River Park and the Lee Street Tennis Courts and Picnic area.


The Emporia-Greensville Recreation Association, Inc. (EGRA) was established around 1950 as the Civic Recreation Association.

Initially, area civic clubs and individuals helped build the Center Street swimming pool and tennis courts.  Different clubs would sponsor various baseball teams.  Thus for many years, teams were known by club names such as Rotary, Lions, etc.

In the early 1970's the Association was reorganized.  Funding from Emporia and Greensville County was sought to expand programs.  A lighted baseball field was built on Center Street and the swimming pool, which had fallen into a state disrepair, was renovated.  Programming was expanded to include softball for girls and women, as well as other sports such as basketball, football, and soccer.  Lighted twin tennis courts, a tot playground and picnic shelter were also added.

In the early 1980's another major project was conducted by EGRA which made it the largest provider of public recreation in Emporia and Greensville County.  Meherrin River Park was constructed on the site of the former Emporia city dump east of the Lee Street river bridge.  Built after the City closed the dump, Meherrin River Park complex included five lighted athletic fields with facilities for baseball, softball, soccer, and football.  Two playgrounds and a large picnic pavilion were added.  A state grant of $100,000 was matched with over $100,000 in local funds which came from the City, County and various fund raising projects.  When the nearly 50 year old Center Street pool finally failed and the Association outgrew the Center Street Park, most league activities were moved to Meherrin Park where there was more space, parking and now even a boat ramp.

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