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Below are some of the most common questions we are asked about our local government and related topics/services, as well as answers to those questions. 

If you are not able to find the information or resources you need, please call (434) 348-4205 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

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I got a speeding ticket. How do I pay it online?

Please visit the Virginia Judicial System website at

There, you will find step-by-step instructions for paying for traffic tickets and other offenses online.

Where is the Greensville County Animal Shelter located?

The Greensville County Animal Shelter is located at 255 Falling Run Road, Emporia, Virginia 23847. 

For additional information, including hours and adoption fees for dogs and cats, please visit the web page for the Animal Control Department.

How do I find mapping information?

Greensville County has maps and data available through the Geographic Information Systems Department.

Maps and data can be accessed at the following web address:

When are real estate taxes due? When are personal property taxes due?

Real estate and personal property taxes are due Dec. 5 of each year.  Penalty will be added December 6, and interest will begin to accrue January 1.

For more information, please contact the Treasurer's Office.

What information do I need to purchase a dog license? What is the fee for a dog license?

All dogs age four (4) months are required to have a dog license.  A vaccination certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian must be presented.

Individual dog license are $10.00 each. 

Kennel tags are $40.00 for 20 dogs and $50.00 for 50 dogs. 

Dog licenses are nonrefundable and cannot be transferred.

For additional information, please contact the Treasurer's Office.

How do I contact the Department of Social Services?

Please visit the Virginia Department of Social Services website to learn more about available programs and services, and to find contact information for local social services offices.

Where can I access the Greensville County Code?

The County Code is available online at:

Where can I obtain a building permit?

Building permits are issued Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m by the Building Inspections Department. You can complete a building permit application and return it in person. Permits can also be processed through the mail. 

Permit applications are available at the Building Inspections office at 1781 Greensville County Circle, and they are available to download here.

Contact Building Inspections for more information.

How do I get a marriage license?

The Circuit Court Clerk issues marriage licenses. 

How do I register to vote?

A voter registration application must be completed to be eligible to vote in Virginia.

To register to vote in Virginia, you must: be a United States citizen; be a resident of Virginia; be 18 years old by the next general election; have had your voting rights restored if you have ever been convicted of a felony; and have had capacity restored if you have ever been declared mentally incapacitated in circuit court.

You are not registered to vote until your application is received and approved by  the local registrar.

Once approved, you will be mailed a voter card listing the name and address of the polling place where you vote and the election district in which you are eligible to vote. If you should move, you are responsible for notifying the registrar's office so that your polling place can be changed if necessary.

A voter registration application may be obtained from the registrar's office in person or by mail. Voter registration applications are also available at any DMV office, social service office or health department. It is also possible to go online to the State Board of Elections website at to print a copy of a registration application. 

Contact the Voter Registrar for more information.

Where is the landfill located?

The address of the landfill is: 980 Maclins Creek Road, Emporia, Virginia 23847. It is 4 miles west of Emporia north of U.S. Route 58. 

Be sure to check landfill hours and holiday schedule here.

How do I apply for water & sewer services?

These services are set up through the Greensville County Water & Sewer Authority (GCWSA).

Follow these steps to set up service: 

  1. Complete a customer application for service. Click here to download a customer application. Print a copy, complete items 1 through 8, sign the application and return to the GCWSA office.
  2. Payment of certain fees must be made before service is connected to existing service locations:
    1. Owner of property must pay a deposit and account charge.
    2. Tenants of property must pay a deposit, account charge and disconnect fee.
    3. Owner of property will also have to sign the disclosure to owner/landlord portion of the customer application before service is turned on. Click here to download the disclosure to owner/landlord. Print a copy. Owner signs the disclosure and lists mailing address and phone number.
  3. Call the GCWSA office at (434) 348-4213 to find out the fee amount(s) due.
  4. Bring the completed customer application along with your driver’s license to the office with payment.
  5. Service is usually turned on the same day once all requirements are met.
Can I access agendas and minutes from Board of Supervisors' meetings online?

Yes, Board of Supervisors' agendas and minutes are available online. Click here to access the archive.

What is the real estate tax rate for the current year?

The current real estate tax rate is $0.67 per $100 of the assessed value.

What is the personal property tax rate for the current year?

The current personal property tax rate is $5.00 per $100 of the assessed value.

Is there a tax relief program for the elderly or disabled?

There are tax relief programs available. Contact the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office to apply for any relief programs.

What collection methods does Greensville County use for collecting delinquent taxes?

The Treasurer’s Office uses a variety of collection methods as allowed under Virginia Code. We use the Debt Set Off Program through VA Department of Taxation to seize state income tax refunds. We place DMV stops, which block all DMV transactions, with the Department of Motor Vehicles for all unpaid personal property taxes. We also use tax liens on wages and bank accounts. Real estate is sold under the Judicial Sale code section through the Courts with all expenses paid by the taxpayer or the court sale.  We employ the services of an outside agency, Virginia Auction & Collections, to assist in the collection of delinquent taxes through vehicle seizures.  Furthermore, we seek judgment through the General District Court.

Where do I send estimated tax payments, and when are they due?

Individuals making estimated payments should send their first payment to the Commissioner of the Revenue by May 1 of each year. The remaining payments should be mailed to the Treasurer’s Office. All checks should be made payable to the Greensville County Treasurer.

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