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Greensville County Comprehensive Plan Update 2020

Comprehensive Plan Update


About the Project

Greensville County is currently in the process of revising and updating the Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is a long-range, high-level planning document that addresses topics such as land use, development, natural environment, transportation, and resource utilization in the unincorporated areas of Greensville County. The plan outlines the community’s vision for where it wants to be in 10-20+ years and includes strategies to achieve that vision.  The policies defined in this document guide the future direction and priorities for growth, services, and land use regulation.


About the Process

The plan update will engage Greensville County’s Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission, citizens, businesses, and other stakeholders. The current Comprehensive Plan will be evaluated, community information will be updated, and new priorities, goals, and strategies will be established for the county based on input from the participants.  An important part of a Comprehensive Plan is public input, so we encourage the citizens of Greensville County to be an active part of this update process by being involved in the public input opportunities.

The process includes:
- Kickoff with Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission – August 12, 2020
- Public Survey – Open through December 18, 2020: Survey Link
- Public Input Workshop I – September 22, 2020
- Stakeholder Meetings – Fall 2020
- Public Input Workshop II – October 28, 2020
- Review meetings with Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission will be held bi-monthly. 
- Public Open House – Summer 2021
- Formal Public Hearings and Adoption – Fall 2021
The County has employed the services of The Berkley Group, a Virginia-based local government planning and consulting firm, to assist with this plan update process.


BOS / PC Work Sessions

Presentations and information discussed at the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission joint work Sessions will be posted here throughout the process:

- Kickoff Joint Work Session


Public Input

Public input is a crucial component of a Comprehensive Plan update.  The County, in collaboration with The Berkley Group, collected community input through a series of public workshops and stakeholder interviews held at Golden Leaf Commons in Emporia.  The presentations from those meetings and a summary of the information collected can be accessed below.


Public Input Workshop I

The first workshop, held on September 22nd, helped establish the future vision for the community.  There was discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of the community and the participants identified several central themes to be addressed in the future goals of Greensville County.

- Public Input Workshop I
- Presentation – Workshop I
- Post Meeting Summary – Workshop I


Public Input Workshop II

In the second public input workshop, held on October 28th, participants were asked to develop the focus for the future goals of Greensville County and to list specific strategies (or actions) for meeting those goals.  A mapping exercise was also provided to determine where different types of development would be most desired. The stakeholder interviews, also conducted on October 28th, provided valuable insight from the professional community.

- Public Input Workshop II
- Presentation – Workshop II
- Post Meeting Summary – Workshop II

-Stakeholder Summary


Public Survey

There is a detailed public survey open through December 18th 2020.
Click here to share your thoughts on Greensville Count’s future. Your input matters!


Links and Background Material

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